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Playable cocktail machine

Playable cocktail machine

A hybrid cocktail apparatus inspired by the world of alchemy. As players descend into the depths of a smartphone game their actions within the app concoct a unique elixir from the innards of the physical machine.

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A quest for the quintessential material

The apparatus is connected to a smartphone or digital tablet. Inside this virtual space, the player is represented by a liquid droplet that sucks in neighboring liquids as they approach. The player controls this droplet through the gyroscope by rotating his device. As the player siphons off the virtual liquids, a mechanical servo valve is activated, mixing physical liquids into the final, drinkable vial. As players reach the final level, a cul de sac fills up with the various colored liquids they have collected throughout the game. Each physical liquid is related to the color of the liquid discovered in the game.

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Created at HEAD – Genève, MA Media Design


Product & interaction design

Jessica Friedling
Margaux Charvolin


Douglas Edric Stanley
Étienne Mineur
Laurent Bolli


Michel Giesbrecht


Vincent de Vevey

Exhibitions & festivals

Salone Ludico

2017, Milano design week, Milan, Italy

Design Days

2017, Genève, Switzerland

Interaction 18

2018, Lyon, France

Mirage Festival

2018, Lyon, France

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