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Video game

Cooperative blind game

Prométhée is a cooperative blind game stuck between ancient Greece and the 1980's. Players have three minutes to finish three level and find, as the legend, the fire of knowledge.

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3D sound

Prométhée is a two-player game. One is blind and the other deaf. Thanks to 3D sound the blind player inside the helmet knows the direction of the fire. Moving his head he change direction. But there is as much Visual clue as auditory, so they really have to collaborate with their games partner to complete the quest.

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Created at HEAD – Genève, MA Media Design


Sound design, Narration design

Benoit Renaudin

Programming, Game design

Margaux Charvolin

Exhibitions & festivals

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Winner of the alternative price
2016, Paris, France

Ludicious Business Accelerator

2016, Zürich, Switzerland

Geneva Gaming Convention (GGC)

2016, Genève, Switzerland

NASSCOM Game Developers Conference

2017, Hyderabad, India

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